Ағылшын тілінен қазақша ашық сабақ: Table of contents.

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Ағылшын тілінен қазақша ашық сабақ: Table of contents. Қазақша Құттықтау - Тілектер жинағы,  Мақал - Мәтелдер жинағы, Қазақша Тақпақтар жинағы, Фильм Қазақша, Ашық сабақтар жинағы, Қазақша Анекдоттар жинағы, Қазақша Клип, Шығармалар жинағы, Қазақша Рефераттар жинағы, Қазақша Баталар жинағы, Қазақша Өлеңдер жинағы

Ағылшын тілінен қазақша ашық сабақ: Table of contents.

Қарағанды облысы.Ақтоғай ауданы.Сарышаған кентінің жалпы орта білім беретін мектебінің ағылшын тілі пән мұғалімі:Гурленбаева Жумабике Ражабовна.

Ұстаздің ең танымал да ең қажетті құралдарының бірі тақырыптық-кунтізбе. Тақырыптық-кунтізбені әр бір пән мұғалімі өзі жазады.Біз ағылшын тілі мұғалімдері тақырыптық кунтізбе жасаған кезде міндетті түрде жоспарға ағылшын гармматикасында енгіземіз.Грамматикасыз ағылшын тілін үйрену мумкін емес.Менде өзімнің тақырыптық-кунтізбемді әр бір сыныптың білім денгейін есепке ала отырып жасаймын.Осы оқу жылы алғашқы сабақтарымды Республикамыздың Рәміздері туралы тақырыпқа арнадым.
Менің бұл жоспарым ұстаздарға унайды деген ойдамын.
Пайдаланылған оқулықтар:
1.English.Кузнецова Т.Д. "Мектеп"баспасы. 8 сынып.
2.English.Аяпова Т. 9 сынып."Мектеп"баспасы.
3.English.Аяпова Т. 10 сынып.Қоғамдық-гумарнитарлық бағыт."Мектеп" баспасы.
4.English.Аяпова Т. 10 сынып. Жаратылыстану-математикалық бағыт. Мектеп" баспасы.
5.English.Аяпова Т. 11 сынып. Жаратылыстану-математикалық бағыт. Мектеп" баспасы.
6.English. Аяпова Т. 11 сынып.Қоғамдық-гумарнитарлық бағыт."Мектеп" баспасы.
7.Ағылшын тілі.ҰБТға дайындық оқулық –тесті.Белдеубаева Н.

Table of contents.68 сағат.
9th form.
2012-2013 school years.

Unit .Health.
State Symbols(1st of September)
Step 1.Talking about you.
Idioms or parts of the body.
Step 2 Parts of the Body.
Present Perfect Continuous.
Step 3. Health habits.
Present Perfect Continuous. Second meaning.
Step 4. To be or not to be a vegetarian?
Word formation with the help of suffixes.
Step 5.Are you fit?
Present Perfect /Present Perfect Continuous.
Test yourself.

Unit 2.The Pleasure of life.
Step 1.What do you do for fun?
Present Indefinite. Past Indefinite.
Step 2.Movies.
Past Perfect.
Step3.Watching TV.
Past Perfect Passive.
Step 4.Music keeps me happy.
Grammar revision.
Step 5.Art.
Past Perfect Passive/Active. Prepositions.
Test yourself.

Unit 3.Gegraphy and travelling.
Step 1.Dream vacation.
After +gerund, before +gerund, stop+gerund.
Step2.Transport in London.
Gernud”go on+GERUND”,”giveup+GERUND”
Step 3.Trains.
Articles with geographical names.Prpositions.(transport)
Step 4.Enjoy your flight!
Gerund remember+gerund need+gerund
Step 5.Tours you will never forget.
This-These, Here-There.
Test you self.

Unit 4. Education.
Step 1. Primary, secondary education.
Present simple.
Step 2.A Typical school day.
Present simple(revision)
Step 3.School problems.
Number and dates.
Step 4. If I were a millionaire.
First Conditional/Second Conditional.
Step5. Choosing schools.
Phrasal Verbs.
Test yourself.

Unit 5.The world around us.
Step 1.Save the nature.
Modal verbs: should
Step2.The Earth(1)
Revision of all tenses.
Step3.The Earth(2)
Present simple/present perfect.
Step 4.Garbagee disposal.
To be going to.
Step 5.Let’s think of the future.
Test you self.

Unit 6.Work.
Step 1.Job description.
Degrees of comparison.
Step 2. The most important things in a job.
The Gerund.
Step 3.A part time job.
Have to Special.
Step 4. Jobs of the future.
Noun phrases.
Step 5.Job interview.
Would/should/have to.
Test yourself.

Table of contents.68 сағат.
10th form.(Жаратылыстану-математика бағыты)
2012-2013 school years.

Unit 1.Travelling.
State Symbols.(1st of September)
Step 1.Central Asia Trips.
Past Simple/Continuous Tenses
Step 2.Adventure Holidays in Kazakhstan.
Present Perfect/Present Continuous Tenses.
Step 3.Transport of London.
Future Continuous/Future Perfect Tenses.
Step 4.When the Earth Erupts.
Revision of Present/Past Tenses.
Step 5. Ballooning for Fun.
Questions with Past Tenses.
Test you self.

Unit 2.Health care.
Step 1.Memory.
Countable/uncountable nouns.
Step 2.Health freak.
Step 3.Why is sleep important?
Step 4.Health Habits.
Step 5.Food for Thought.
Infinitive and –ing form.
Test you self.

Unit 3.The Ecology, Geography and Nature.
Step 1.The Ecological Association”Tabigat”
Modal verbs: may,can.
Step 2.Kazakhstan is my Motherland.
Modal verbs: have to, must, should.
Step 3.Wildlife.
Modal verbs: should,might,could,must.
Step 4.Almaty Nature.
Articles with the geographical names.
Step 5.The United Kingdom of Great Britain.
Revision: Modal verbs.
Test you self.

Unit 4.Intrenational Partners.
Step 1.Partnership at the epoch of changes.
Step2. International Organization.
Modal verbs: should, ought to and had better.
Step 3. Kazkhstan-Turkey Partnership in the 21 Century.
Words of Business.Revison of modal verbs.
Step 4.UNDP in Kazakhstan.
Grammar revisions.
Step 5.Foreign Trade of Kazakhstan.
Test you self.

Unit 5.Work.
Step 1.Where we can work?
Participial constructions after the verbs of sense perception.
Step2.Work and Money.
Constructions with an active and passive participle.
Step 3.Children at work.
Participle construction when there are two actions.
Step 4.Uneployment.
Comparing constructions with participle and infinitive after the verbs of sense perception.
Grammar revisions
Step 5.Job Hunting.
Revisions of Participle Constructions.
Revisions of grammar.
Test you self.
Conclusion lesson.

Table of contents.68 сағат.
8th form. 2012-2013 school years.

Unit 1.Me and my favorite sports.

State Symbols(1ST of September)
Step 1.Hobbies and Health.
Step 2.Read and find out.
Step 3.Grammar.The Future Continuous Tense.
Step 4.English proverbs.
Step 5.My favorite sport.
Step 6.Health: illness and disease.
Step 7.Reported speech.
Step 8.Health: injuriesa.
Step 9.Sport stars.
Step 10.Foreign lands.
Test you self.

Unite II. The World around us.
Step 1.Irregular adjectives and verbs.
Step 2.Future in the Past.
Steep 3. The Earth is in Danger.
Step 4.Negative adjective prefixes.
Step 5.The Environment and You.
Step 6.Real conditional.
Step 7.Parts of speech.
Step 8.The modal Verbs.
Step 9.The Problem of Ecology.
Step 10.English around us.
Test yourself.

Unit III. The Pleasure of Life.
Step 1.The Pleasure of Life.
Step 2.Holidays.
Step 3.Nuryz.
Step 4.Reviw of topical vocabulary.
Step 5.At the theatre.
Step 6.Indirect Speech.
Step 7.Used to.
Step 8.Advice.How to express advice?
Step9.Sequence of tenses.
Step 10.Grammar Revision.
Test yourself.

Unite IV. Geography.
Step 1.Names of continents, the topical vocabulary.
Step 2.Notionalities and languages.
Step 3.Speaking about the countries of world.
Step 4.Numbers.
Step 5.Prefect Passive.
Step 6.Great Britain, its geography.
Step 7.The use of the topical vocabulary.
Step 8.Speaking about Kazakhstan.
Step 9.London.
Step 10.Travelling.
Test you self.

Unit V.Education.
Step 1.Primary education.
Step 2.MyPrimary education.
Step 3.Secondary education.
Step 4.Eductaio in the country.
Step 5.Education in Great Britain.
Step 6.Educttion in Kazakhstan.
Step7.Indirect speech.
Step 8.Grammar practice.
Step 9.Education(Revision)
Step 10.About your future education.
Test yourself.

Unit VI. Time.
Step 1.Time.
Step 2.Idioms, proverbs and sayings.
Step 3.”If”-clause.
Step 4.When I’m 25.
Step 5.What will life be like in 2050?
Step 6.Present/Future Simple.
Step7. Grammar revision.
Step 8.My plans for future
Test yourself.

Table of contents.136 сағат.
10th form.(Қоғамдық-гуманитарлық бағыты)
2012-2013 school years.

Unit I. Travelling.
State Symbols(1st of September)
Step 1.Holidays.
Types of holidays.
Past Simple Tenses.
Past Continuous Tenses.
Grammar exercises.
Step 2.Why do you travel?
Two-word verbs.
Present Perfect Tenses.
Present Perfect Continuous Tenses.
Step 3.Welcome to London.
Future Continuous/Perfect Tenses.
Degrees of comparison of adjectives.
Test you self.
Step 4.Weather.
American climate.
Proverbs and idioms.
Present and Past tenses(Revisions)
Step 5.Tourism.
Questions with Past Tenses.
Past Simple Passive.
Will, going to
Grammar exercises.
Test you self.

Unit II.The royal family.
Step 1.The United Kingdom of Great Britain.
Geographical context.
Modal verbs of possibility.
The use of articles with the geographical names.
Step 2.Peopl of Britain.
Elderly people.
Young people.
Modal verbs of prediction and adjective.
Grammar exercises.
Step 3.The British royal family.
Role of the Monarch.
History and politics(about the UK)
Revision of modal verbs.
Test you self.
Step 4.The members of the British royal family.
Queens and Princes.
Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and others.
Modal verbs of necessity and duty.
Step 5.The royal year.
History of the Golden Jubilees.
The Queen’s Golden Jubilee.
Revisions of modal verbs.
Test you self.

Unit III.Geography, culture and nature.
Step 1. Kazakhstan is my Motherland.
Geographical context.
Population, landscape, climate.
Modal verbs: could/couldn’t have done(been)
Grammar exercises.
Step 2.Wildlife.
Typical Kazakhstan animals.
Typical Kazakhstan plants.
Must/might have done(been)
Step 3.Sights of Almaty.
The city of apples.
Should /shouldn’t done(been)
Test you self.
Step 4.Nature of Almaty.
Medeu,Shymbulak,Peak Talgar….
Rivers and lakes.
Verbs of obligation, possibility, necessity.
Grammar exercises.
Step 5.Customs and traditions.
Kazakh foods.
Kazakh costumes.
Revision of modal verbs.
Test yourself.

Unit IV.Health care.
Step 1.Memory.
Countable/uncountable nouns.
Step 2.Keeping fit.
Star signs.
Verbs connected with describing people’s character.
Grammar exercises.
Step 3.Are you stressed?
Adjectives connected with describing feelings.
Test you self.
Step 4.Bad habits.
Verbs after which infinitive is used.
Grammar exercises.
Step 5.Eating habits.
Food words.
Adjectives connected with cooking.
Infinitive and +ing form compared.
Grammar exercises.
Test you self.
Unit V.Time and youth..
Step 1.A hobby.
Type of hobbies.
Outdoor/indoor activities.
Present participle.
Grammar exercises.
Step 2.Teenages problems.
Young people and old problems.
Past participle.
Grammar exercises.
Step 3.Is it easy to be a teenager?
Adults’ opinion about teenagers.
Teenage’ opinion about adults.
Present/Past Participle.
Present/Past Simple Passive.
Grammar exercises.
Step 4.Yuoth organizations in Great Britain and the USA.
Boy /Girl Scouts.
Youth organizations my parent joined.
Degrees of comparison.
Grammar exercises.
Step 5. A friend in need.
Proverbs about friends.
Revisions of grammar.
Dating .A date.
A Blind Date.
Talking about Dates.
Participle construction.
Revisions: Past Simple
Revisions: Present participle.
Test you self.
Conclusion lesson.

Table of contents.68 сағат.
11th form (Жаратылстану-математикалық бағыт)
2012-2013 school years.

Unit I. Inventions.
State Symbols(1ST of September)
Step 1.The age of robot is here.
Step 2.The first flights.
Presentation of “as, like”
Step 3.Television.
Subjunctive II/Sentences with wish and of only.
Step 4.Birth of the moon.
As if/as though Past Subjunctive
Step 5.Sending cards.
Test you self.

Unit II.Environment.
Step 1.Caring for our world(part 1)
Environmental problems of Kazakhstan.
Step 2.Caring for our world(part 2)
Firs Conditional.
Step 3.Air pollution.
Second Conditions
Step 4. Land pollution.
Third Conditions.
Step 5.Water.
Project work.
Test yourself.

Unit III.Political systems.
Step 1.The Power.(part 1)
The system of Government
Step 2.The Power(part 2)
The USA Government.
Step 3.the Power(part 3)
The President’s Duties.
Step 4.Making laws.
Members of Parliament in Great Britain.
Step 5.The electoral system in Britain.
Project work.
Test you self.

Unit IV.Time and youth.
Step 1.My generation.
Revision of Conditions.
Step 2.Time off.
Revision of Conditions.
Step 3.Computer addicts.
Mother’s Mad about the internet. Sounds likes trouble!
Step 4.Family relation.
Practice your grammar.
Step 5.The future.
The future of Cyberspace
Unreal Conditional Clauses-Alternatives to”IF”
Test youself.

Unit V.Health care and sporting life.
Step 1.Medical wonders.
The use articles with names of diseases.
Step 2.At the dentist’s.
Mixed Conditional.
Step 3.First aid.
Third Conditional.
Step 4.Is sport exciting of
Pre-listening task.
Step 5.The world of chess.
Project work.
Pre-reading task.
Test you self.

Table of contents.68 сағат.
11th form.(Қоғамдық-гуманитарлық бағыты)
2012-2013 school years.

Unit I. Holidays and Traditions
State Symbols(1st of September)
Step 1.National celebrations.
Reported speech.
Subjunctive II/Sentences with wish and if only.
Step 2.Holidays in hong-kong.
Pronunciation of dates.
Step 3.How well do you know British holidays?
As if/as though+Past Subjunctive.
Step 4.Island life.
Practice your grammar.
Step5 .Sending cards.
Test you self.

Unit II.Ecology and nature
Step 1.Caring for our world.
About the Aral Sea.
Conditional Sentences.
Step 2.Environment.
First Conditional.
Step 3.Air pollution.
Second Conditional.
Step 4.Land pollution.
Doing grammar exercises.
Step5 .Water.
Test yourself.

Unit III.Goverenment and Parliament.
Step 1.The System of Government in Great Britain.
The British Constitution.
The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Step 2.Pareliament.
About the Parliament of Kazakhstan.
Third Conditional.
Grammar exercises.
Step 3.Making laws.
Project work.
Step 4.The Electoral System in Britain.
Project work.
Revision of Conditionals.
Grammar exercises.
Step5 .The United States Government.
About the first President of Kazakhstan.
Project About the first President of Kazakhstan.
Test you self.

Unit IV.Health and sport.
Step 1.The National Health Service.
Health Care System in Kazakhstan.
The Use of Articles with Names of Diseases.
Step 2.The general practitioner’s life.
Reading the short texts.
Practice your grammar.
Step 3. First aid.
First aid Procedures.
Proverbs and idioms about health.
Zero Conditional.
Doing grammar exercise.
Step 4.Sport life.
Mixed Conditional.
Practice your grammar.
Step5 .Martial arts.
Test yourself.
Conclusion lesson.

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